Learn from the Masters

Your opportunity to receive extended training with some of the world’s leading Chinese martial arts teachers.

An outstanding benefit that distinguishes our school from many others is the opportunity to participate in the specialized training and workshops with visiting masters offered throughout the year.

I bring my teachers and other leading masters from China to my school for workshops on a regular basis so that my students can receive first-hand instruction in the finer points of the arts. Xing Yi, Tai Chi, Bagua, Mizong Luohan, Eagle Claw and Baji are among the styles featured.

These intensive training and special workshop sessions provide a unique learning environment and offer participants the opportunity to sharpen their skills under the watchful guidance of world-class masters. This type of training also adds variety to our distinctive training curriculum. Serious students gain an extended perspective of the vast field that is Chinese martial arts and come away with new techniques, skills and training concepts that will enrich their experience in the arts.

These visits from my teachers and other masters also provide me with the opportunity to continue my own training and polish my skills. Besides the workshops and training sessions, I receive countless hours of private instruction that gives me the chance to refine the subtle points of the art and discuss the principles, theories, concepts and intricacies of each style in greater depth.

Note: Although most workshops are open to all martial arts enthusiasts and I welcome outside participation, specialized training sessions and certain workshops are reserved for my students and may not be advertised on this site.