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Other Teachers

Master B.P. Chan
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Grandmaster Tony Yang

Grandmaster Tony Yang

Grandmaster Tony Yang (Yang Shu Ton) began studying martial arts with his uncle when he was six years old, learning Shaolin Kung Fu. Later, during high school, he studied Praying Mantis, a popular Northern style.

After moving to Taipei, he became a student of Su Yu-Chang, who later introduced him to Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao.

Master Yang learned Baji, Bagua, Mizong, Praying Mantis, and numerous weapons from Grandmaster Liu, who eventually allowed Master Yang to teach.

Master Yang moved to the United States in May of 1980, settling in the Akron-Canton area of Ohio, where he eventually opened a martial arts school.

Today, Master Yang continues to teach at his school, the Wu Tang Center. He is the promoter of the annual Hall of Fame Chinese Martial Arts Championship. He has written many articles on Baji, straight sword, and other martial arts topics.

Master Yang is a popular and sought-after teacher. Master Scrima has been learning Baji and Yin Fu style Bagua from Master Yang for several years through special training seminars.

Curriculum Studied

  • Yin Fu style Bagua
  • Yin Fu style Bagua weapons
  • Yin Fu style inernal training (Qi Gong)
  • Baji (Eight extremities)

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