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Grandmaster Chi Hung Marr
Grandmaster Leung Shum
Grandmaster Tao Ping-Shiang
Master Alex Kwok
Master Benson Lee
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Other Teachers

Master B.P. Chan
Tai Chi fighting staff, Xing Yi
Master Li Enju
Cha Quan, Pao Quan
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Xing Yi
Grandmaster Leung Shum

Grandmaster Leung Shum

Grandmaster Leung Shum started training in martial arts at the age of eight with his Godfather Wu Hui Nong (Ng Wai Hung), who operated a school in Kowloon.

Grandmaster Shum studied both Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Wu style Taiji with his teacher for many years, helping him run the school until 1971, when Grandmaster Shum moved to the United States.

In 1972, Grandmaster Shum demonstrated Eagle Claw for the first time in the United States in a tournament organized by Master Wai Hong. Afterwards, many people approached him for instruction, and he began to teach some students privately.

In 1974, Grandmaster Shum opened the first Eagle Claw school in America on 28th Street in New York City. The school moved to various locations over the years, gaining a strong following of loyal students.

Some of the students who learned from Grandmaster Shum went on to win numerous tournament titles. Among the most well known are Benson Lee (Master Scrima's first Eagle Claw teacher) and Cynthia Rothrock.

Grandmaster Shum is the leading exponent of Eagle Claw Kung Fu in the world. He has done more than anyone to promote the style through his videos, books, and his decades of teaching. He is now retired from formal teaching; however, he continues to teach seminars on Eagle Claw and Wu style Taiji at various locations in North America and Europe. His students continue to spread the art of Eagle Claw Kung Fu to the next generation of students.

Master Scrima first started training with Grandmaster Shum in 1985 and brings him to Florida on a regular basis for continued training in both Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Wu style Taiji.

Curriculum Studied

  • Ying Jow Fan Zi (Eagle Claw Kung Fu)
  • Eagle Claw empty hands, weapons and fighting forms
  • Eagle Claw history
  • Chinese martial arts customs and traditions
  • Eagle Claw fighting principles and techniques
  • Eagle Claw locking sets
  • Eagle Claw internal training (Qi Gong)
  • Wu style Taiji
  • Wu style Taiji weapons
  • Wu style push hands

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