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Master Alex Kwok

Master Alex Kwok

Master Alex Kwok started training in Mizong Luohan at the South China Athletic Association in Hong Kong at the age of 10, eventually becoming an assistant instructor in 1967. He immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, in 1969, where he established a Kung Fu Club at Windermere Secondary School that same year. In 1972 Master Kwok established the Vancouver Kung Fu Association on Hastings Street and conducted classes there; he also became Vice-Chairman of the first Canadian Chinese Martial Arts Association.

Master Kwok is a true Kung Fu pioneer and one of the first Chinese Martial Arts practitioners to compete in the Karate circuit and win many honors. In 1974 he competed in the British Columbia (Canada) Open Karate Championship winning first place in Black Belt Weapons, Black Belt Fighting as well as the Black Belt Grand Championship. That same year he was the Black Belt Weapons Champion at the Long Beach International Karate Championship, which at that time was the world’s largest martial arts tournament. His amazing run of first place wins and grand champion awards at the U.S Open Karate Championship and again at the Long Beach International Karate Championship brought him to top of the competitive ladder. He was ranked number one in North America Top 10 Forms Competitors for all Oriental Martial Arts.

In 1975, Master Alex Kwok was selected in a worldwide search amongst thousands of martial artists to star in the movie role of Bruce Lee in “The Legend of Bruce Lee”. He was invited to demonstrate at the 3rd WUKO (World Union of Karate Organizations), becoming the first Chinese martial artist to perform there, and was also the first non-Korean martial artist to appear on the cover of Traditional Taekwondo Magazine. In the mid-1970s he was featured in numerous martial arts magazines worldwide and also made many television appearances.

Master Alex Kwok is certified as a Taolu and San Shou Judge by the IWF (International Wushu Federation) and has fulfilled the duties of head judge in many of the IWF official events. Despite his many honors and achievements Master Kwok remains a humble person who is dedicated to the promotion Chinese Martial Arts.

Master Scrima has been training with Alex Kwok since 1985.

Curriculum Studied

  • Mizong Luohan Kung Fu
  • Empty Hands, weapons, and fighting forms
  • Extensive historical background
  • Fundamentals of modern Wushu
  • Modern Wushu scoring system and criteria
  • Fighting training
  • San Shou training

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