Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to fill out an application for my child to be considered for acceptance in your school?
In 2006 I celebrated my 25th anniversary of operating a Chinese Martial Arts school. I have decided after so many years of teaching to share my knowledge, skill and extensive experience only with the most dedicated and committed students. Unfortunately, many parents look at a martial arts program as just another activity for their child and are quick to take the child out of class at the first sign of a lack of interest. Some parents rarely sit in on a class to observe the teaching and to show support for their child. The application and interview process allows me to be selective about which children I choose to become my students. If your child is accepted in my school, you can be assured that all other parents have gone through this same process. Your child will be learning with a group of students who are also highly motivated and have parental backing, support and encouragement.
Why do I have to go through a personal interview?
During the personal interview we will have the chance to meet and I may ask you to clarify some of the answers in your application as well as ask additional questions. I will also be conducting a physical evaluation of your child to determine his or her current fitness level. This will allow me to determine the best teaching approach so as to achieve the best results in training.
Why do you require a membership fee?
I operate an exclusive, private academy. I am only interested in students who are serious and will be committed to their training. The membership fee is required to gain acceptance to the school and it demonstrates a certain level of commitment. On the other hand, there is no long-term agreement required; the program is on a month-to-month basis.
Do I have to pay the membership fee every year?
No, as long as your child attends classes regularly and the monthly fees are current. However; a three-month absence will require a new membership fee to be reinstated on the student roster. Again, I want students who are serious about their training.
Why do children in your school have to be at least 8 years old to get started?
Itís been my experience over more than 25 years of teaching that children younger than 8 years of age generally have a hard time retaining the information given in class. They also lack the strength necessary to sustain the rigors of training and usually, as they become fatigued, lose focus and concentration. My classes are fast paced and demanding and I find that starting children out when they are at least 8 years old produces the best results.
When are your classes for children?
Our beginning Kung Fu classes for ages 8 to 12 are on Monday and Thursday night at 6:00 PM. As you child progresses, more classes will be available to him or her.
What is required of me in order to get my child started?
You are required to fill out an application form and go through an interview process. Once this process is successfully completed, your child can start in the next quarter.
How long will it take for my child to earn a Black Belt?
The average time frame is three years; however, this depends on the individual's ability and dedication. While the belts serve to motivate and measure your childís skill, I place a much higher value on helping your child build a strong character, strengthen moral values, develop mental and physical strength, build self-esteem, and learn self-respect and respect for all people.
Can my child be injured in a class?
Like all physical activities, there is always a chance of injury. My classes are strictly supervised and highly disciplined. Studies have shown that martial arts training has a lower injury risk than many other popular sports.
What are some of the benefits my child can expect to gain from training?
With dedicated practice, your childís coordination, confidence, reflexes, speed, strength, and stamina will greatly improve. Your child will build self-esteem, learn to concentrate better and for longer periods of time, gain self-awareness, and learn valuable self-defense skills and leaderships skills that will help your child succeed now and in the future. A confident child is a happy, motivated, and high-achieving child.
Why is my child required to participate in tournaments?
Once enough experience has been gained, all students in our youth program are required to participate in at least three tournaments each year. Tournament participation builds confidence, develops a sense of accomplishment, and teaches children to overcome their fears, to set and achieve goals, and to develop proper sportsmanship.
There are many martial arts schools; what sets your school apart?
I am a strict and demanding teacher who produces results. I have been operating my own school for more than 25 years and have more than 30 years of martial arts experience. I have trained with many of the top Chinese masters of our time and I continue to learn to expand my knowledge. I have produced numerous National and International champions in both forms and fighting. Also, I personally design the curriculum and teach all the classes myself. In many schools, its not unusual for kids to be teaching kids.