Grandmaster William C.C. Chen
Grandmaster Di Guoyong
Grandmaster William C.C. Chen
Master Di Guoyong
Master Di Guoyong
Master Scrima's 25th Anniversary Celebration


Masters Sun, Gracenin, Yang, and Kwok


December 2-3, 2006


CMAC Dunedin
During the weekend of Master Scrima's 25th Anniversary Celebration, some of our special guests taught seminars at the Dunedin school. Master Sun De Yao taught the Praying Mantis empty-hand form "White Ape Steals The Peach." Master Nick Gracenin taught seminars entitled What It Takes to Build A Championship Form and Strength & Flexibility. Master Tony Yang taught Yin Fu Ba Gua Broadsword, and Master Alex Kwok taught the Mizong Luohan empty-hand form "Hun Quan." We thank all of these special guests for their time and support.

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