Grandmaster William C.C. Chen
Grandmaster Di Guoyong
Grandmaster William C.C. Chen
Master Di Guoyong
Master Di Guoyong
Tai Chi 24 Posture Routine Corrections


Master Li De-Yin


June 27-29, 2005


CMAC / Dunedin, FL

Just after his 42 Posture Routine seminar and before our Seventh Annual ICMAC, Master Li De-Yin taught seminars for three days to make corrections on the 24 Posture Tai Chi Competition Routine. Master Li has produced many national and international Tai Chi competition champions due to his expertise and unique way of training. He is known as one of the Greatest Living Martial Arts Treasures of China.

Since all participants were already familiar with the form, Master Li was able to give minute and advanced refinements. His corrections came just in time for our championship, and they gave our competitors a much-appreciated improvement in this highly competitive event. Thanks to Master Li, our students earned gold, silver, and bronze medals in their respective divisions of the Tai Chi 24.